Power Sound Editor Free - simple audio editor, which is a free software product in its field. As for its use, it is limited to a set of simple tools for processing audio files, recording or ripping audio CDs, as well as work with a microphone. In principle, the program Power Sound Editor Free can be attributed to those that may be useful for novice users to familiarize themselves with the basics of sound processing.

Key Features Of Power Sound Editor Free

To begin, a few words about the installation. It is quite simple and does not require specialized knowledge. Upon completion of the installation process before the user welcome screen appears, in which it is possible to change the audio settings and select the project you want to create. Another interesting fact is that there is a special option text, which then using standard Windows tools is easily converted into an audio file, available for further work and editing. If we talk about the formats, the application Power Sound Editor Free can handle files like WAV, MP3, OGG, AAC, FLAC, MP2 and M4A. For a novice user it will be enough to head.

Set of tools and effects, as compared, say, with monsters like Sound Forge or Adobe Audition, more than modest. Nevertheless, here are all the main features present in the professional programs of this type. Naturally, you can do copy, paste, delete, or move the file fragments. Furthermore, it is possible to combine multiple files in one or fragments. You can use tools allow you to create or increase the sound attenuation (Fade In, Fade Out). In real time, or a fragment or the entire material as a whole, can be applied effects, among which there reverb phaser reliever (pitch change), etc.

download-power-sound-editor-free-windows-pc-465441651532513221216546546512One of the areas of application of the program Power Sound Editor Free can call and restaurant sound. For example, the file can remove extraneous or unwanted noise. Quite often, such a procedure may be necessary when recording sound from the microphone in the home or in the processing of the recorded material with a tape recorder or a vinyl record. Of course, to professional funds far, however, in the case of using the program Power Sound Editor Free is the result of very well.

Well, needless to say, that it is possible to produce a fast ripping or burning a CD. The only drawback is the lack of a interface, however, on the Internet, you can find a crack, after which installation work will be much easier.