Q-Dir is a powerful file manager with a fairly broad and original features that are not found in any one program of this type. Features such that it can work with a directory or file, spending much less time than using the standard Windows Explorer, or various kinds of Commander.

Key Features Of Q-Dir

I think the idea of ​​creating such a file manager is based on the construction of the structure of the classical Commander. Only in the case of shells, we have two-panel interface, and in the case of use of the program Q-Dir, will work with four panels, not counting the directory tree. It's pretty convenient, because in four tabs of the main window, you can monitor totally different directories and files. Moreover, between the windows has integrated support for the simplest operations move or copy files. In addition, each window can have its own display settings files and folders independently. Let's say, for image files can be set to display as thumbnails and folders with system files or office documents - the usual list or table. In addition, a special window at the bottom displays the contents of the file in the allocation of it in any of the windows.


No less interesting is the display of various types of files. The fact is that for easy viewing program can allocate these types of different colors. Naturally, the application allows you to work with clipboard and supports drag and drop files (so-called feature drag'n'drop). And, of course, we should note the fact that the file manager quite freely works with various types of archives, allowing not only to unpack them, and view their contents.

Among the more unusual features worth mentioning the possibility of exporting to formats XLS, CSV, TXT and HTML. In addition, there is also a specialized setting that allows you to work with using FTP. Like many shells, the application is able to create custom tabs for quick access to files and folders, and can remember the last location when you exit the session.

In conclusion, we note another important feature of this software package. The fact that the program is not absolutely required to install a hard drive, i.e., made in the form of a portable version and can be used with any removable media, including discs, USB-device or a removable memory card. In general, by and large, many file managers, the same Commander, not to mention the standard Explorer Windows, prior to this program far. They and half can not provide users with the capabilities possessed by Q-Dir.