QuickTime Lite 4 is a simplified version of the more advanced package QuickTime. This version was released it for use without additional load on system resources, like portability, but no less functional.

Key Features Of QuickTime Lite

This version of the software package has retained almost all the functions of the main release, however, has a number of advantages compared to "normal" version. The thing is that it does not require the installation of some plug-ins that, in fact, sometimes not needed in the system. This is, firstly, the built in panel does Internet Explorer, secondly, the panel itself Quick Time Control Panel, which climbs where you want, when you do not even expect, and, thirdly, you can not install the IPIX-plugin. From the viewpoint of the size of these additions are not specific load, however, can be hung in the RAM, which is quite a significant impact on the overall system.

Anyway, as the main package, built-in player is designed to play streaming video. However, this is not always the video plays. The fact is that the player is designed for its own format MOV. And the more you know, as the manufacturer of this software is a corporation Apple, of course, the competition is huge, especially in the battle for media formats.

download-quicktime-lite-4-1-0-windows-xp-and-vistaThus, even though the player has the functions of video playback from the web at the moment but their files in their native sense of recognizable, nothing can not reproduce. In addition, the software package has no built codec and decoders. For instance, K-Lite Codec Pack, and that is not supported.