Radiocent is a pretty interesting set that combines a means for listening to Internet radio and audio player. If we talk about the program itself, it enables the user to access to more than 5000 radio stations online. In addition, there are a lot of interesting features that surely will interest many users who do not want to live without music or news.

Key Features Radiocent

As for the program Radiocent, it is fundamentally nothing special among other similar applications are released. It is clear that you can listen to the radio, record your favorite songs on your hard drive or to the phone memory, then play them, use a search engine by title, artist or genre, etc. All this is not new.

However, there are still some pieces, due to which you should pay attention to the application Radiocent. On the other hand, radio and TV channels can be sorted into groups. For example, you can easily set the filters used in general education, music, news, or any other direction. With this application Radiocent copes just perfectly.

Pretty interesting possibility could be called the preservation of compositions in the mode of non-stop, where you can record the current and next song without pause. At the same time there is also the possibility of creating your own playlists. Tracks can be played out not only in the records being stored on a storage device, but also online with the time when it is this track sounded on the radio. The simplest example. For instance, the day before yesterday you heard some song that was played on the air at 12 noon. Come to a special option, choose the time and that's song sounds again. And that's not all that is capable of application Radiocent.

However, you should pay attention to some important shortcomings of the program Radiocent. Immediately evident that the MP3 player, to put it mildly, in general, no. The sheer primitive. There is not even an equalizer. So to listen to music program Radiocent obviously no good. Will have to use more or less professional applications. But overall, for the average user, especially when used on mobile gadgets, software Radiocent looks very impressive.


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