RadioSure is a small, but very functional and convenient program for listening to radio stations on the Internet. Despite its small size, the program has a pretty decent feature set that is likely to appeal to many users and fans of Internet radio.

Key Features RadioSure

Just want to note that the software developers have tried to make the program convenient and understandable even to those users who have never dealt with this kind of applications. The fact that the program does all unnecessary. This applies to both the interface and the settings. Specific settings are not available and, to say exactly just upgraded to automatic mode. Therefore, everyone who uses the software will not have to sit and build everything needed for reception.

Practically, all the necessary buttons rendered in the main program window, so access to the main functions is not hindered. When playing Internet radio with the built-in templates or equalizers, to apply their. The database includes more than 12,000 radio stations from around the world. All information about the currently playing track is displayed directly on the screen. Indicates not only the name but also playable bitrate or genre of music.

But that's not the point. The most basic "trick" of this application lies in the fact that the program allows you to record the best track or channel online. Moreover, it is possible to carry out such a record with the division of tracks and then save them into popular audio formats. Furthermore, there is the ability to record multiple radio channels simultaneously, which makes this program one of the most convenient.

As for working with audio formats, here represented wma, mp3, ogg vorbis, aac + and many others. Also, this player supports UNICODE encoding and is designed to work in Windows operating systems both 32 and 64-bit architecture. Here it is worth to say that the small size of the program and requirements absolutely no effect on the load on system resources. In this case, it all depends on the speed of your Internet connection.

download-radiosure-windows-and-mac-pcAnd in conclusion I want to say that the assurances of developers program will be updated quite often that opens fairly broad prospects for its development and use. In addition, this software is distributed absolutely free and has no restrictions on use, whether it's home or any public use.