Razer Game Booster is a rather unique application that allows you to optimize the operating system and the use of system resources of the computer at the moment of start of modern games that require, for example, allocation, the maximum amount of RAM or imply an additional burden on the CPU.

The Main Features of Razer Game Booster

The principle of operation is based on monitoring the application of influence of background services at the time of the launch of a game. It is clear that disable all the services manually is not always possible. You can use the specialized team, however, and it does not always lead to the desired result.

This utility also allows you to automatically turn off everything that hinders the launch or optimize the use of computer resources. For true gamers - this is truly a godsend. The program not only cut off all background services, but also to return to normal at the end of the game, by pressing the appropriate button or by calling the appropriate command.

The interesting thing about the application is that it can not only disable background services, which an ordinary user can not even guess (for example, tracking agents such as Windows Media Player or WinAmp), but also defragment the computer's memory, unloaded from it unnecessary services and programs that take up a lot of space. The program analyzes all just downloaded components and without giving the final list disables all that currently applies to safe mode. That is, even if you disable some system utility or service work the operating system will not be violated.

download-razer-game-booster-windows-xp-vista-7-8If you look, the program is fairly simple to use, does not use up system resources and has a relatively simple means to configure and manage. Most of all, it should be noted that this type of application is distributed absolutely free and has no limitations in terms of action, even if commercial use. Yes, and the distributive lot of places do not take. Moreover, that the installation of this software will be able to handle any level of user. And this is what makes it the most versatile solution for any type of run modern games, and is able to please the modern gamers, allowing you to release all resources of a PC with one click.