RealPlayer - player, created just for streaming video from popular sites like YouTube. It supports most of the formats that are available for viewing and listening, has a very user friendly interface and controls.

Key Features Of RealPlayer

The first thing that I would like to mention is the fact that the program produces many multimedia formats it in real time, which is important for streaming video. Of course, speed buffering will depend on your Internet connection and displayed at this time settings. However, when the factory settings can even change nothing, because every software comes with this level of support is the uninitiated user.

Generally, it should be said that the player software supports quite a large number of formats. Namely, RM, RA, RT, RAM, RP, GIF, PNG, MP3, JPG, SMIL, SWF, WAV, SMI, MPG, AIFF, AVI, MPEG, MID, ASF, MIDI, RMI. In this case, you get the opportunity not only to watch videos or listen to music, as is characteristic of the standard player, but also view photos, moreover, combining the functions of management and cataloging.

Download RealPlayer For PC

In addition, you have the ability to record your favorite stuff on any kind of removable media. In this case, the program recalls the same Nero. In its basic functions of the program particularly no different. Yes and management boils down to the same set of functions.

Another, no less important feature is the possibility of CD-ripping, it is possible to copy the disk and put it in any available format for you.

No less interesting is the support function of mobile devices. In this case, you have at your disposal a tool that allows you to upload multimedia content to mobile devices without fear of lack of compatibility between file formats.