Red Bull Air Race - The Game is the official video game of the competition of the same name, in which aircraft pilots from around the world compete over a world tour to see who is the fastest in the air. Being an official title in Red Bull Air Race The Game , players can ride some of the real aircraft competing in this competition, as Zivko Edge 540 V2, MXS-R, CORVUS RACER 540 or EXTRA 330LX, among others. They can also customize them with different paintings (which of course cost money). To get money on Red Bull Air Race - The Game 'll have to win races, and luckily there are more than 200 races and different events that can participate.

The control system for these races is quite simple. With the left thumb will control the direction of the plane, while on the right we will do the same with the speed Among the locations that we visited in Red Bull Air Race - The Game will find the Abu Dhabi real circuits, Las Vegas, Rovinj (Croatia) and Gdynia (Poland), all accurately modeled in three dimensions. Red Bull Air Race - The Game is a game of frantic racing, which has a good touch control and a section outstanding graphics. Furthermore, the sense of speed that gets transmitted is up to the sport it represents.

And probably no mistake, because we are in front of one of the most impressive sports games that can be found for our Android devices.

It is known that Red Bull has been sponsoring racing aircraft since 2000, and that is why this game Red Bull Air Race  is based on the event of the same name held since 10 years ago and consists of air racing full obstacles that are performed at maximum speed. Thus, Red Bull Air Race The Game  was developed with the goal of bringing the best possible experience adrenaline-fueled our smartphones.

Thinking aircraft and controlling them on the screen of the device, you may be able raised fears of inaccuracies in using tilt controls on your phone. Fortunately, this is only an option. The default controls are set as virtual buttons that are much easier to use.


Key Features Of Red Bull Air Race:

  • Official Game of the Red Bull Air Race Championship 2014 for iOS and Android .
  • Two modes different game. Race and Tournament
  • Nine unique cities on three continents: training camp in Brazil and 8 tennis tournament
    official 2014 in Rovinj (Croatia), Abu Dhabi (UAE), Putrajaya (Malaysia), Las Vegas and Fort Worth (EE. UU.), Ascot (Great Britain), Gdynia (Poland) and Spielberg (Austria).
  • 55 tracks Competition only, including each of the tracks of the official cities hosting the Red Bull Air Race.
  • Six different aircraft for launch: 330LX Extra, Extra 300SR, Edge 540, MXS-R, Edge 540 V3, and Corvus Racee, each with five packets of updates and 210 options to decorate.
  • New global tournaments in line with rankings updated each week.
  • More than 200 runs in the "Tournament Mode".
  • Fifty achievements .
  • Music by Heaven's Basement , AWOLNATION, Blitz Kids, Five Knives and Beartooth.
  • Versions in ten languages ​​. English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Russian
    Regular updates . content development
  • Duels with twelve pilots Master Class of 2014 Red Bull Air Race and Class eleven Challenger.


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