Red Button - one of the most modern and most recent developments in the field of programs called tweakers. In other words, this software is designed to optimize and fine-tune the operating systems Windows, including the cleaning of the registry, due to which, basically, and increases the productivity of most OSes.

Key Features Red Button

Actually, the idea of ​​the program and how it works n new. Like any tweaker, the program assumes that the most basic functions for system optimization, which include almost all known to date tools. So, quite simply, you can search and delete invalid, non-existent mud obsolete entries in the registry, which is a key factor in improving performance of any system. Everyone is more or less familiar with the operating system Windows, the user must itself be clear that the more entries in the registry, the longer the time required to load the entire system, for it is in the process of loading and scanned the registry, and system recovery and restore the registry itself as such.

It goes without saying that this is not a novelty. But what am pleased to note, because this is the minimum time spent on all the basic operations. Here we are dealing with the removal of traces of Internet surfing in the form of temporary files or information stored on boot of a web resource, which is useful in some cases when you do not need to save the session visits. Moreover, the program works on the principle of portable versions. So, it is not necessary to install it on the hard drive.

The most powerful feature of the software package, in contrast to all programs of this type, according to many experts, is the ability of painless removal of the individual components of Windows, which can not be made in manual mode at the disposal by standard means. This is what makes this tool so popular and in demand not only at the level of ordinary users, but also among professionals, who are used to carefully monitor the state of the computer and the system as a whole.

In the end, we can say only one thing - the program shows itself at a high level, even when compared with professional software products of this type. One of the main advantages, indeed, is the presence of a unique opportunity to remove unwanted components of the operating system, bypassing the process of reinstalling or restoring. This suggests that this software works not only on "five", but also on the "five-plus."