Software product ReGate is a fairly simple player for listening to Internet radio stations with the ability to record any broadcast channel. The program itself is designed for use on computer devices running operating systems Windows. The versions 2000, 2003, XP, Vista and 7.

Key Features ReGate

Although the program ReGate and is one of the easiest, however, it contains a number of interesting features.

For a start it is worth noting that the installer package size ReGate has only 659 KB, and when you run absolutely no load on system resources. Therefore, we can simply turn on your favorite radio station and continue to work on the computer, without fear that the RAM or CPU will be overloaded. In addition, if a person works on the Internet, problems with communication is also possible to forget, because the use of traffic at the application ReGate minimum, and such that it has absolutely no effect on the rate fixed or Wi-Fi-connection.

It goes without saying that every time you start the server program ReGate automatically update the list of available channels. If such a situation occurred that the user did not find some stations in the list, it does not matter, you can use a special search engine and add the desired channel manually.

Among the standard features that are normally present in most of this type of software, it can be noted the possibility of recording in the format of broadcast channels .mp3.

But with regard to rather unusual features, the application can boast that has an alarm in the settings which you can customize not only the launch of the program on schedule, and set the channel to a radio station that will be played at the time of launch.

In principle, this is the most basic functions are present in the application. This is understandable, because the program relates to the category of the most simple. However, for home use application will come up. Listen to your favorite radio and engage with the work on the computer or on the Internet will be very convenient.

In general, for normal users who just want to listen to music online, the program will come, but for those who want to use some advanced features will have to look for something more substantial.


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