Revo Uninstaller - a very effective program, created as a kind of alternative to the built-in Windows operating systems program uninstall applications or components from your computer. However, this software deletes the correctness and works several times faster.

The Main Features Of Revo Uninstaller

Each of us, certainly faced with a situation where a specific program or application on your computer, you no longer need to work, but after removing them are references to them, program files, and so on. D. The system starts to work much slower than running after first installation. In this case, the utility Revo Uninstaller you just need.

As for the removal of software, most of the tracks are at least registry entries (and wrong) and some non-removable files that need to be removed manually. Most often, it refers to various kinds of dynamic libraries DLL and LOG-file.

This program allows you to uninstall applications completely, even including programs running in the background and hidden applications. Moreover, the removal is carried out in full, including cleaning the registry.


It is a huge plus is attributed another important opportunity. It is no secret that there are situations where the standard removal utility Windows displays a message that a certain software component is simply impossible to remove. In this case we are talking about the fact that the software has removed the damaged deintstallyator. Causes of this problem may be too much. So it is a utility Revo Uninstaller allows you to remove even such programs. Before removing the program scans remove applications and associated files and automatically develops an algorithm removal.

Just as easily, you can use this utility to remove unnecessary programs from the Autorun. It happens that at the operating system there is a lot of unnecessary components and remove them there is no way. Especially if it's some kind of system service, Windows simply block the implementation of the delete operation, even when you know exactly where the unnecessary files and try to remove it manually. Revo Uninstaller allows you to facilitate a process. In addition, this utility easily erases the history of browsers, office programs and the system as a whole.

Also, to the undoubted merits of the application should include the fact that Revo Uninstaller allows using the software monitor view the full details for each of the programs installed on your system. That is, you can exactly determine which files are used for the operation of an application. With the help of the built-in "hunting", simply drag the program into a floating window, and you will see all the files associated with this application.

This application, when compared with the standard uninstall procedure in the operating systems Windows, indeed, in all respects superior to her. Everything else, the program has a simple intuitive interface and works in a fully automatic mode that allows you to use the entire contingent of computer users. In addition, you have at your disposal, an incredibly strong product that can easily clean your system from unwanted debris in the form of more programs, applications and their components.