RocketDock - a small utility that is able to make all those users who like to decorate the system, use non-standard methods of navigation and quick access to programs (especially applications minimized in the system tray). The program is quite large and can be significantly enhanced by data import and nasroek of many similar programs.

Key Features RocketDock

First of all, we note that the application interface is a simple beautiful panel for easy access, which can be visible or hidden in the system tray. Calling the panel is made from it. For operating systems Windows Vista and Windows 7 allows users to view the contents of the windows rolled up in the system tray programs when you hover over the icon RocketDock. Estetsvenno, all programs minimized to system tray, and displayed in the main panel RocketDock.

If we talk about the basic features of the application is to say that the user is free to adjust the discretion not to display only icons of programs on the panel. You can change quite elementary and themes throughout the graphical environment of the operating system. For example, it is possible to select a background, the degree of transparency, background picture, shape, or color of the display panels and windows, fonts, and even entire language interface.


In the advanced settings of the program it is worth noting the ability to import extensions (so-called doclet) from other programs. For example, you can import various kinds of icons to replace the standard icons of programs or files. Undoubtedly, is a convenient and mode support drag'n'drop, which allows effortlessly add icons to the main panel of the application.

It is impossible to ignore the interface. As such, it is quite simple and intuitive. In addition, the program supports more than 20 languages. So, problems arise with the use should not even samog8o inexperienced user, which is very far from such studies. And, of course, one of the most significant advantages of the program is a complete dual monitor support any type. This is especially apparent when two monitors are used for large graphic images, for example, modeling or drawings.

Thus, in conclusion, we note that the program is quite simple though, and, by and large, are not particularly valuable, however, many users who want to create their own style of rendering a graphical interface or the entire operating system to get quick access to minimize the application, this software will surely seem very attractive.

Download RocketDock For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8