Samsung PC Studio is a software for the synchronization of mobile devices with Samsung PC with viewing and editing of various data on your mobile device. Moreover, unlike a software product as Samsung Kies, which is calculated on smartphones for the program does not matter which mobile phone is used.

Key Features Of Samsung New PC Studio

To begin, I want to say that the program is very convenient and practical work, especially since it has a fairly simple and user friendly interface. So, to understand the basic functions for anybody not be easy, especially since the main functions are clearly structured and sorted by category.


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Among the main features Samsung New PC Studio is worth noting the following. This, above all, a complete list of sync contacts, calendar items, list items, and notes between your phone and the application Microsoft Outlook; connect your PC or laptop to the internet using your phone as a GPRS-modem (for normal phones) or 3G networks to smartphones; transfer data to a computer, view and rename files phone; Create, view, delete and edit contacts on the right on the computer; Creating text and multimedia messages, SMS and MMS messages and sending them to the computer; view, delete, organize messages and their transfer from the phone to a file on a computer hard disk; copied from CDs, create and organize digital music files, as well as their subsequent transfer to the phone; convert music files into formats supported by the phone; Store images and videos that are on your hard drive in the phone, as well as playback of files after saving; Editing images to create wallpapers, portrait images, and MMS images and download them to your phone; installing games and software to your phone directly from your PC or laptop. Plus, backups for fast recovery in the event of any damage or faults in the mobile device.