SiSoftware Sandra Lite - software product, which is a lightweight version of the package for testing and detailed specifications about the computer hardware, as well as, of all processes or software components installed in the system. In a sense, the utility SiSoftware Sandra Lite resembles the program CPU-Z, however, in this application is not a distinction of devices and programs - all gathered together. That is why, SiSoftware Sandra Lite application is so popular among the users, and more often among overclockers. In addition, this program is distributed for free, and you can download it on the Internet with any specialized resource.

Key Features SiSoftware Sandra Lite

Let's start with the fact that this kind of software is useful not only for overclockers who are trying by all possible means to increase the efficiency of the railway system components, for example, due to CPU overclocking or graphics adapter. In many respects normal user application SiSoftware Sandra Lite can be useful to a much greater extent. Than it seems at first glance.

In the program SiSoftware Sandra Lite provides 13 basic tests for the hardware and software installed on your computer or laptop. If you wish, you can find out the detailed characteristics of a component. This can be useful, say, if you feel that somewhere there was a problem. The program SiSoftware Sandra Lite is able to completely vydavt characteristics of any type. For example, you can definitely find out what the maximum frequency of the processor support, or what the optimal temperature operation. The same goes for the graphics adapter, fans, printers, USB-output, sound cards, etc. But this is not all, because the application SiSoftware Sandra Lite allows you to exactly determine the manufacturer or even the date of the assembly. For all this, the application SiSoftware Sandra Lite has 34 separate modules, each of which is responsible for his litter for information about the hardware and software of the system.

download-sandra-lite-2015-windows-pcThanks to cooperation with many well-known manufacturers of computer "iron", the program SiSoftware Sandra Lite has a perfect device support Intel, AMD, ATI, SiS, VIA and many others. In addition, in one package there is a close integration of the three platforms, namely, Win32 x86, Win64 x64 and WinCE ARM. If we take into account the software and the processes occurring in the system, the detailed information in the form of the report is available on the operating system Windows, AGP, PCIe, connections ODBC, USB2, 1394 / Firewire, etc. So, today, a software package SiSoftware Sandra Lite is perhaps the best among similar programs and applications.