Scarab Darkroom 2 is a universal and an interesting utility for working with digital images format RAW. In addition to the main features introduced in the basic function set, the program has additional features is to support a plurality of digital cameras without having to install the appropriate drivers in the system.

Key Features Scarab Darkroom

To start with the main advantage of this software. The fact that the program supports more than a hundred modern versions of digital cameras that already, in itself, a matter of respect. Moreover, it has a lot of professional tools for color correction, not counting the most standard tools that are part of any photo editor.

As for the changes made, then you can even use such a powerful tool as RGB-histogram that allows you to change the settings of any image in real time without the actual physical or save them to your hard drive, even in the form of a temporary file. No less interesting and important point is to support and meta data EXIF, which is found in many editors do not even professional type.

And here we come to some of the shortcomings of the program. In the opinion of many users, it loses much the program for the conservation of the final result. The fact that the resulting image is stored only to 8-bit format with a bit depth extension type JPG or TIFF, which, of course, exclude the possibility of further processing the image using professional software of the same type Adobe Photoshop, which are capable of, and rather, prefer working with a color palette of 24 bits.

However, if you do not pay attention to this fact, for most users, the program has been and remains one of the most versatile. A set of tools rather pleasantly pleased, moreover, that major changes can be made with special sliders or, as they are called, faders that operate in real time. That is, by moving one or more of the sliders, you immediately see the change in the image on the main screen. Actually, this easy to use and makes this software quite popular not only among the beginners in this field, but also for many professionals using, perhaps, more powerful professional graphics products for processing image files of this type.


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