Screamer Radio - one of the best and easiest software for listening to Internet radio stations from around the world. But, despite its simplicity, the app has a pretty powerful set of functionality that is likely to appeal to many fans of this kind of software.

Key Features Of Screamer Radio

First of all, it is worth noting the size of the boot file. It is about 7 MB. And, most interestingly, the program is released as a stationary version and portable version (Portable), which does not require installation on your hard drive and can be used with any removable media, such as disks, USB-devices or removable cards memory.

If we talk about the functional set, then it is quite wide. The program supports more than 4,000 radio stations broadcasting on the Internet from all over the world. This list is present and about 100 channels. However, the main thing is not it. The main "chip" of the program is quite an interesting system of recording broadcasts from the Internet. The fact is that you can calmly start recording from the middle of the composition, and the missing pieces will be taken from the buffer. This is very convenient in the case when you have listened to song and suddenly decided to record it. Eventually, you will get not a scrap of song, and a full sound track from beginning to end.

As for the play, there is the following audio formats: Shoutcast (MP3), Icecast (MP3, OGG), WMA and AAC. In addition, the application has a number of useful functions in terms of this transcoding from one format to another. Note that the program has the opportunity to direct record streaming MP3 and Direct OGG Vorbis. And this without any loss of quality. During recording, you can perform a number of operations with recorded data. This transcoding OGG Vorbis to MP3

Transcoding WMA or AAC to MP3. That is absolutely all recorded data is stored immediately in the MP3 format and require further processing in terms of re-encoding, which for many users is very convenient, as this format is worldwide the most common and versatile.

download-screamer-radio-pc-windows-115161651454In conclusion, it remains to add that the program is completely straightforward, intuitive interface. Everything is managed in a single window. So, with this application to understand even a novice user. Plus, the app is very easy to navigate through the list of radio stations, which, incidentally, is updated almost daily.