Screenshot Captor is a program that, first and foremost, designed to quickly create high-quality screenshots. Its possibilities are that it allows you to "remove" the image not only from all over the screen, and the selected areas, including active and inactive windows, toolbars, and so on. D.

Screenshot Captor is limited to the important tool for creating screenshots and characterized by ease of use. Frequently used features, for example, to display selected image areas of focus or underlined, but not absent.

Features Of Screenshot Captor

To get started immediately specify that the application is absolutely free and has no limitations even for commercial use. The size of the installation package is also quite small, only about 8 MB.

Basic functions presented in the program are quite interesting. One of the most important and the main features is the possibility of taking screenshots from multiple monitors at the same time, if Desk on them "stretch". Any screenshot made in this program as soon as possible subject to editing and processing. Among the operations can be found resize, crop images, change colors, brightness, contrast or saturation - in short, all the standard operations that are common to all, without exception, graphics editors. In addition to modifying objects, there are some additional features that are not found in the programs of this kind at all. For example, in the captured image, you can add custom text to a predetermined color, font, or shadow. No less interesting is the ability to add various kinds of image indexes and hands giving explanations. Moreover, such labels can be placed anywhere.

With regard to the program settings, they are quite diverse. This applies to injury as the main and additional settings. The whole system is built very flexible. Customize absolutely everything you see fit. It seems so much more parameters can not be found anywhere else. In addition, there is a special setting that allows you to set the opening of the captured screenshots in any image editor by default, which significantly saves time because there is no need to call this editor manually.

Among the supported image formats are presented BMP, JPEG, GIF, PCX, PNG, TIFF, and so on.. In addition to JPEG and PNG has the ability to change the level of compression. And if you talk about scaling, here comes off great prospects, since the change of scale may reach 999%. And, of course, the program assumes that a certain number of the most common visual effects, such as blur, and so on. N. Among other things, the program allows you to easily add comments to image files and create images of the main reduced copies in the form of so-called "thumbnails ".

In general, software is quite versatile and has a good opportunity to work with screenshots. Moreover, some of the features are so unique that are not found in other applications of this type.

Key Features Of Screenshot Captor

  • Capture modes: keyboard shortcuts-have-been Established contents, each Corresponding to a capture mode. As an example, multiple screen shots include, desktop screenshots, active window and screen selection.
  • Edition particularity of this program lies in ict various post-capture editing basic picture options. It is possible to return to the picture to make a resizing, renaming it and zoom in Even if considers.
  • Comments: Screenshot Captor reserve the user a small window in qui it can add comments to the captured image. Once the addition is full, all Will Be saved in a new folder with the new configurations That have been made.
  • Default configurations: if no configuration has been made, Screenshot Captor . always uses the default system setting This is to Automatically rename the file from the capture and time format to put the picture on the scale prescribed in the program and use transparency effects to obtenir a sharp image.


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