Scribus is a unique cross-platform, and not quite a simple program that is a very powerful publishing tool for visual layout of documents of any complexity, designed for use in the operating systems such as Linux, Unix, Mac OS X or Windows. The program is quite broad.

Key Features Scribus

First of all, we note that this software is open source, so you can easily modify and change the program for everyone. In addition, the app is absolutely free and the quality and quantity provided functionality is not inferior to even such a powerful tool paid as Adobe PageMaker. Just like many professional products of this type, the program supports the management of chroma ICC, capable of creating CMYK-decomposition and interactive PDF-documents with embedded scripts and using a variety of effects that can use interactive presentations.

With regard to the basic operations, here the user is provided a pretty good ability to support many text formats that other programs can not detect. In particular, OASIS (Open Document) and MS Word (using Antiword). In addition, the program offers many opportunities for word processing with the creation of the visible and invisible framework that can be deployed completely arbitrary. In addition, scaling and amenable embedded text, graphics, which are used in the current document.

Unquestionable and perhaps the main advantage is the possibility to create and edit documents of PDF. In this case, there is full support even interactive fields and forms, as well as the set of Java-scripts. Finished documents can be used to display the highest level of professional devices, including PostScript-devices that support Level3 / PDF.

It is believed that the publishing product is suitable for use by multiple users, whether they are a beginner or a professional. However, it seems that every new user entry-level training, especially not previously encountered with this type of program will be able to immediately and easily handle this software package and immediately join the work. Perhaps, without special knowledge and skills are not enough.

Well, finally, it is worth saying a few words about the installation package. He "weighs" a little more than 32 MB, which in comparison with many professional products of this type, a mere trifle. Yes setting does not imply nothing complicated. Here it's the right you absolutely any level of training.


Download Scribus For Mac OS X

Download Scribus Windows PC (32-bit)

Download Scribus For Windows PC (64-bit)