SeaMonkey is a pretty powerful tool for the Internet. He is a direct descendant of the famous applications like Mozilla Suite and built on its basis. Unlike Mozilla FireFox or Mozilla Thunderbird, this program has a much more flexible and advanced features and settings, allowing you to completely eliminate all the other applications that are designed to work in the World Wide Web.

Main Features SeaMonkey

Initially, the application is created in order to combine in his work many of the properties and capabilities that offer the user a modern program. SeaMonkey combines its functional use multiple applications simultaneously. First of all, it concerns the existence of an embedded web browser, email client address book, IRC-client and the means and tools for web developers. First of all, it concerns the DOM Inspector and debug programs that are based on Java Script.

As for the built-in tools, in particular e-mail client and web browser, the program is structured in a way that allows "on the fly" to identify the incoming file or online presence of advertising, which, in fact, everything is already quite tired and causes, to put it mildly, some expletives. Moreover, the program features are such that they allow all even block, regardless of the settings.

The email client supports creating emails in HTML, as well as support for RSS and CSS. Application for online communication involves IRC optsialny access to multiple servers at the same time to ensure the best quality of communication. It is envisaged even having a chat application called ChatZilla. When you create a connection to this application server can use the integrated support for IPv6, SSL, UTF-8 and DCC.

download-seaMonkeyGenerally, this software package is quite convenient tool for the World Wide Web, which practically can replace many of the standard and non-standard tools, produces many developers in this area. Especially, it is worth considering a fairly powerful functionality that its parameters can outperform many well-known programs, even the most popular and well-known brands.

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