Shareaza is, almost the most universal client for sharing files between computer terminals that are currently connected to the Internet and download certain content. Naturally, initially in this software product incorporated technologies that are used exactly peering networks peer-to-peer, however, the developers of software called Shareaza went much further. Yes, and the product Nighy and free download can be anywhere.

Key Features Of Shareaza

On first acquaintance appears completely legitimate surprise. The fact that the application Shareaza supports such a huge amount of resources that other programs that can be downloaded free of charge from any web resource, just never dreamed of. Judge for yourself. Among the networks and protocols supported software package Shareaza, presented eDonkey2000, BitTorrent, Gnutella, Gnutella2 (G2), as well as its own system file sharing Shareaza (with protocol).

With regard to the main features of the application Shareaza, which is available when searching with the task conditions «Shareaza download free", they practically do not differ from most programs of this type. Needless to say that the program Shareaza enables all the operations and all the functions of applications such direction. Especially because many of them can be downloaded for free. And this software is no exception. As usual, you can set priorities of loading speed and efficiency, the exchange of LEDs and feasts, exhibiting priorities etc.

But here's what's interesting. Appendix Shareaza has built-in video chat, so that any user can easily communicate with any interlocutor, who is currently on the web. H, and that's not all. Integrated tools allow you to browse downloadable content, without a difference, it will be watching videos, listening to music, etc. And most importantly - it does not depend on the volume of the loaded file. The main thing - that it was in your boots, and someone on hand. This is what makes the program so universal. Although this function is not new, however, given the number of supported resources, it is not difficult to guess that the information available to download or preview Buda, much more than when using standard utilities for downloading torrent content distributed Internet free of charge.

download-shareaza-windows-and-mac-pc-84645116326565465152In general, the program itself Shareaza makes quite an impression, considering not only that you can download it free of charge, but a lot of peer to peer networks that are supported by this application. Well, finally, it is necessary that the source file is on the network. It is enough. What it will be downloaded to a single computer. Thus, a software product called Shareaza is almost the most powerful, and most importantly, which can be downloaded free of charge, to work with so many file-sharing (and not only) resources.