Simple Port Forwarding is quite unusual and versatile application to fine-tune and optimize the performance of the router or Wi-Fi-router. Sometimes it can be useful even when you set up some ports that can be used one way or another device.

Key Features Simple Port Forwarding

Configure routers and routers have a regular user, lacking knowledge of this sometimes cause some serious difficulties and, above all, it is connected with the port settings and the general use of the system of access to local networks and the Internet. TCP / IP protocol can be configured using two options. The first option is that you specify the IP-address of your own, knowing the system configuration. Plus, here you need to register the address of preferred DNS-servers. Second, you can set the auto-IP-address. But it works only if it works in a local network, where there is a central server. In this case the IP-address is available to any terminal with no physical definition.

This software is designed to be a user of any level of preparation could configure all network ports, for example, for games in command mode. After all, it is no secret that if you do not configure the network port or device that provides access to the Internet or to a multiplayer level, you can just be left with nothing. The same program is designed to ensure that the customization of all devices such as routers or routers automatically. The application can itself determine which drivers are installed on your computer or laptop a top speed of connection and use of various types of goes without saying that an inexperienced user to configure the system access using a variety of protocols can not (even more, giving preference to some of them). This program will help this to anyone, especially because it is not in use is quite specific, but rather very simple. Even when configuring a conventional router anybody problems should arise. You only need to follow the instructions in the wizard, who, in fact all and do it for you.

In conclusion, we can say that Simple Port Forwarding can be recommended to all users who want to make a quick and precise tuning of network connections, using different kinds of routers. Especially because neither the strength nor the time it does not require at all.