SkinStudio - one of the most versatile utility that allows you to completely change the graphical interface of operating systems Windows. By and large, it is based on one of the most well-known program called Windows Blinds. In principle, the program has a rather broad opportunities and has all the features characteristic of most programs of this type.

Key Features SkinStudio

First of all, it is worth noting that this software belongs to the category of free tools that let you create your own themes in the operating system Windows. Features such that any user can change the look of the operating system on your own. This does not apply only to wallpaper desktop, but also allows you to quite simply go to the Startup menu and allow or download, or repeal any whatsoever programs located in the same menu. In other words, this tool can not only play the role of graphical boot loader, but the game, to some extent, the role of system utility.

Of course, compared with the professional programs of this type, this software can not. However, this program is a graphical editor and wallpaper changer utility Windows operating systems every day, works perfectly.

One of the most unique features of this software application is the fact that it can play on your desktop not only the usual pictures related to the best-known image formats, but also supports a number of animated formats that can be played using the desktop settings. It is simple. Just go to the settings screen, and then select, for example, personalization associated with a particular operating system. Actually, after that you can install on your desktop even any video file that is recognized by the operating system. Though, mind you, in the program itself is quite a lot of other tools that can alter your system and, according to this, it is necessary to use its basic features.

download-skinstudio-7-4-pcAs well as utility Windows Blinds, this system works in such a capacity that, in theory, change the entire interface of operating systems. However, there needs to be more adequate to the user, knowing that this utility is working in the background, and being in the system tray, a very heavy load on the operating system. You understand that any utility that hangs in the background, quite strongly inhibits OSes, thus creating a big problem for performance. Moreover, it refers specifically to a program that uses a graphical interface and graphical mode. That it is not possible to use the program on older operating systems or computer configurations.