Skype is probably the most popular to date software for IP-telephony. And simply put, this app is for the exchange of short text messages, absolutely normal and video calls, create multiplayer conferences, as well as to exchange various files.

Main Features Of Skype

As has already become clear, Skype combines the functions of conventional type Merovingian ICQ with more advanced features. First of all, it concerns making calls. And it is this program has gained such a high popularity among users. Calling mode can be different. The easiest way - is to exchange calls between users who have installed. Can be used as a regular voice call, and call in video, in which users see each other. But, of course, such calls are made only in the presence of established Web-camera. Voice quality, as always at height. But the transmission or reception of video directly depend, firstly, on the permissive capacity chambers, and secondly, from the Internet connection speed. And, certainly, it is clear that the higher the speed of the connection, the better will be the image on the monitor. Immediately it should be said that in this case the connection is absolutely free.

If desired, you can make calls to regular and landlines in the same voice mode, which is used for making calls between installed programs. Fee With this connection is purely symbolic and depends only on the operator, the number who commit dial.

An interesting feature of the program is the organization and voice and video conferencing. In this case, the application possibilities are quite extensive, since simultaneously in such a conference can participate up to 100 users.

download-skype-pc-windows-8-7-xpAlso, the program can create chat rooms, and there is absolutely no difference what operating system is installed on the computer speaker. Skype is excellent in communication between the operating systems Windows and others.

Particular attention is paid to the safety of users on the network. The program automatically encrypts all the data that whether a text message, or just voice communication. This is done so that no one could catch them on the web.

If desired, you can also install a search bar for a quick Google Search and comforting information search on the Internet directly from the main program window.