Sleipnir is one of the newest and most powerful Web browser from Japanese developers, which combined in its arsenal of all the latest technologies, as well as, the highest speed, which is undoubtedly one of the most important indicators for programs of this type.

Key Features Of Sleipnir 6

First of all, note that the program is absolutely free. But the feature set that it offers to the user, indeed, may even surpass many paid counterparts. First of all, it concerns custom settings. The thing is that the program is designed in such a way as to give the user complete freedom to configure it, as they say, "by itself". And, most interestingly, customize possible whatever. For example, it may be a visual design with a choice of many additional skins, or, even setting the functionality of the browser. As a result, everyone who uses it can create a unique masterpiece, based on their needs.

If we talk about the basic functional set, then it is quite wide and allows many standard operations inherent in all Internet browsers. Browsing the Web is very convenient. Provided that additional modules can achieve the maximum speed and display quality contents.

Unfortunately, developers do not care about making a program called own e-mail client, which is present in many modern developments, however, the application is able to perfectly integrate with the basic pre-installed on the client system, the default. In addition, one of the decent and fairly modern features is the ability to read RSS news feeds.

Download Sleipnir Web Browser For Windows, Mac

In terms of settings, as well, it is worth noting that the application is easily configured to use multibutton manipulators and multimedia keyboards.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that the browser has a very simple intuitive interface, with which even a child can understand. And, although the product in the market of Internet technology is quite young, he has already won him many fans. In the first place, it is, of course, due to the huge number of settings that are often absent in older brothers. Therefore, one has only to wish that the developers did not stop there and in the end, add the missing elements, and without decent feature set.

Download Sleipnir 6 Web Browser For Windows


Download Sleipnir 6 Web Browser For Mac