SlimBrowser is one of many programs designed for the Internet - surfing. Like many similar programs, this browser allows all necessary operations with the work of the World Wide Web.

Key Features Of SlimBrowser

This software product was designed, in principle, as an alternative version of all available browsers for a network. Like many similar programs, it allows quite easily visit their favorite sites with you AutoComplete forms, that is, if you, say, go on a virtual mailbox, the program automatically remembers the password and login, and automatically enters it when you restart. And, of course, the program remembers recently visited pages by type of many of his colleagues.

Generally, by and large, the program is popular only because it does not load the system resources (so runs slightly faster), and does not occupy much space on your hard drive.

download-slimbrowser-7-00-110-windows-7-8-and-xpThe only, and perhaps the main advantage of this software is the built-in editor VBScript / Jscript / HTML / Text, that is constructed in the browser command line support in Visual Basic. Directly from the command line you will have access to all features for creation and execution of the script. These operations are supported by very few browsers, but they are mostly focused on the use of the programming language C ++. In this case, C ++, of course, the higher-level language, but, nevertheless, discounted Visual Basic scripts is not necessary because it is programmed many add-ons, say, for example office programs, especially Microsoft Word or Exel. Actually, if you look, this program does not offer anything new, but merely repeats all existing properties and capabilities of programs that are above the rank and of course, this utility can not compete with, say, software products such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera or Google Chrome, although it has all the necessary functions and features that are able to provide valuable work on the Internet.

In general, it is worth noting that this utility is very young in the market of software products for use on the Web. However, this does not mean that the software is poor. Compared with the giants of the Internet, it is, of course, does not take a leading position, but, nevertheless, is simple and easy to use.