SlimDrivers is a software that is designed to allow users to automate and optimize the installation in the most recent device drivers for them to work properly. The only thing that is required is an Internet connection.

Key Features SlimDrivers

First of all, a few words about the installation package. Its size is only slightly less than 3.6 MB. The installation time and effort does not take away. After installation, it is desirable to enter the program settings and select the most convenient and appropriate startup mode. For example, if you set the start together with the start of the operating system, using the scheduler, it will give you some advantages in automating the search and install the most recent drivers.

With regard to the first run, everything is simple. The application examines all the "iron", and outputs the report indicating all the components associated drivers. Here are connecting to the Internet and the program will automatically search for all kinds of updates. The process of installing the new driver runs quite correctly. The fact is that before deleting the old version of this application proposes to create a system restore point in case, if a new driver you something that is not satisfied with the work. By creating such a point, you can always roll back the system recovery and return it to its original state.

download-slimdrivers-pcMoreover, the features of the program and provide a full backup of absolutely all the drivers installed on your system contingency outage and its subsequent recovery. In addition, the application is able to remove unnecessary or obsolete drivers automatically entirely, leaving the driver files from any "tails."

Nevertheless, even the English-language interface is quite simple and intuitive. By and large, the user will deal with it, absolutely far from such operations. The second, slightly awkward moment is what it is. Although the program is distributed free of charge, however, it requires registration. You just need to go to the manufacturer's website and create a temporary box there. Login and password that you specify in the registration data, and will be used as your registration application itself.

In conclusion, it should be said that the program in its own way, is truly unique. The user of any level there is no need for searching and updating of software components. The application will automatically do everything for you. And I must pay tribute to the developers of the software, they really did their best.