Smart Defrag is not more than a pretty functional defragment tool for use in Windows-based systems to create faster access to files and folders, as well as the acceleration of the whole system by arranging the location of files and programs that are being the most frequent access.

Key Features Of Smart Defrag

First of all, it is worth noting that the program after installation is minimized to the system tray and works exactly in the background. By and large, the user can not guess that this tool works. This, as they say, "double-edged sword." Firstly, to some extent, it affects the loading of system resources (though developers and claim that they are minimal). And secondly, it's still the background, turn off that is impossible without knowledge of specialized commands that follow, at least in the menu "Run" or in the console. And there actually need an appropriate setting.

On the other hand, a tool that you get after installing the presence of a powerful configuration, allows you to constantly monitor the status of the hard drive without having to call the program in a physical sense. In this case, unlike the many applications of this type, the software prevents the wear of the hard disk, for example, as if you were asking defragmentation manually. In addition, the program uses the mining algorithms start by determining at what point and in what mode should run the defragmentation process.


The principle of the application is much like a general all programs of this type. Files that are made permanent and the most frequent access, simply move to the fastest hard disk sectors. However, unlike the standard defragmentation Windows, all this is done much faster and safer. Well, it's true, do not want you to wait a few hours until the entire process is fully completed? Here, everything is much faster.

Actually, if you look, the program is quite "repleteness" many applications developed in this area. She runs faster and organize files on your hard drive manufactures compact. Moreover, this software takes into account the positional relationship between a in the original version. For many it may seem insignificant, however, to optimize access it plays a significant role. So if you decide to take advantage of this tool is, I think, you will not regret.