Soluto - a program that is designed to speed up the loading of operating systems Windows. The fact that not all users know what the background service are loaded at run time of the operating system. But, many have noticed that sometimes the system boots, the faster or slower. And it is with this tool you can completely control the entire boot process to get into a desktop.

Key Features Soluto

Start, perhaps, is with the fact that the application has user-friendly intuitive interface with which to understand even a person far from the system settings of Windows. The user is given a window is divided into three parts, each of which specifies startup items.

A few words about tracking system startup. It occurs in real time. The program is fully automated counts boot time and compares it with the previous indicator. The program displays a window showing all loaded components. Moreover, you can view detailed information about each of them, and, even with the time it took to load the operating system of a component or a background service.

The main window, as already said, is divided into three parts and provided in the form of a time interval. In pen segment containing a program that can be turned off without affecting the operating system and its performance. These programs include, for example, WinAmp Agent, which is loaded, constantly hangs in the System Tray.

The second segment is a list of programs that Soluto recommends switching to increase system performance and reduce download time. Usually, this program set by the user, therefore, legitimate questions such as "What is it?" Or "Is it possible, or disable it?" Virtually eliminated.


But the third segment is a background system services operating system that is not recommended to disable all. If you turn them off, one never knows, and will crash the whole "OSes." Many users may want to disable these system services, even without considering the consequences. Most often, it refers to the type of services or kernl32.exe internat.exe. Repeat, they simply can not turn off.

As for the description of all programs, the interface has tooltips, and clicking on the program, you can always find out more detailed information. Moreover, the application shows a startup item takes time most. So, you can see quite calmly that it loads your system.

Now a few words about the trip. It is produced directly in the main window. You do not need to call, say, the Task Manager to disconnect from a particular service. And, by the way, the program itself is time to load, practically, does not take and does not load the system.

In conclusion I would like to note that the program is distributed free of charge, does not take up space on your hard disk does not load the system resources and is probably one of the most powerful tools to speed up Windows boot and work with startup items. Try it and you will not regret it, because the result will be felt immediately.