SopCast - multimedia software with a rather broad and somewhat unusual features and functions. It allows you to not only listen to music and watch videos, but also organize their own Internet broadcast television without the use of powerful servers. This can be done directly on the home terminal.

Key Features Of SopCast

Generally, to get started is to say about the same spliced ​​the main advantages of this software. The fact that the program can provide Internet broadcasting multiple channels using conventional home Internet connection. This TV station is able to provide access to it 10 thousand Internet users. Moreover, the program provides support for authentication, both broadcasters and viewers.

The package itself consists of several parts or modules: SopPlayer, SopServer, VoD and WebPlay. SopPlayer designed for watching TV online channels, SopServer - to create them, VoD - to broadcast video over P2P, and WebPlayer - for viewing multimedia content online. Sapmi SopPlayer has a fairly simple and intuitive interface. Generally, it will be able to easily find out the user of any level, because here provides tabbed system. For example, to view the video, just go to the appropriate tab and select your desired channel.

Among the main features of this package is worth noting the following: receiving streaming data from multiple nodes simultaneously SOP (transfer P2P), which makes the channel more available and stable; Embed your own channel and send them over the Internet; Sending multiple streaming file formats such as asf, wmv, rm, rmvb, etc. etc .; support multiple streaming network protocols such as mms, rtsp, http, and more.

Generally, you can lead a full monitoring of the quality of the source and the channel quality, the more that are designed to support multiple channels on a single server.

One of the most remarkable features of this software is the fact that the entire cache is done in memory, built-ins do not make any entries in the registry and does not pollute the unnecessary junk files such as temporary hard disk. This package is somewhat reminiscent of portable versions of various programs (Portable). In addition, you can put on, say, your website address is a URL, users can start watching immediately.

download-sopcast-3-9-3-windows-pc-946516546161Actually, I want to say that this is really unique in its kind product that surely will appeal to all those involved in broadcasting on the Internet. Especially because you just do not need powerful servers and any additional costs of organizing Internet Broadcasting. After all, all this can be done simply without leaving home. So, try your hand at a few new and unusual form of Internet art.