SSDLife is one of the most unique system utilities that allows you to fully monitor the status of hard disks, or rather, the standard solid-state drives SSD. In addition to the basic information, the program offers a large set of functions and provides the most complete information about the so-called "health" of the hard drive.

Key Features SSDLife

First of all, it is worth noting that this software is available in two basic versions. The first option, we are talking about now is a free lite version, which is somewhat limited in the function set with the second version. The second version, designed as a release of PRO, has a slightly larger functional and is shareware. However, in spite of some limitations of free release, it has sufficient functionality.

This release allows you to operate in the so-called background mode, checking the status of the hard disk. This can be anything you want. First of all, it is about bad clusters and the physical state of the surface of the hard drive. Based on the spindle speed, temperature, time, disk access and its response, the application is able to fairly accurately detect even a period of normal functioning hard drive. In this case, the program simply gives the time remaining until the end of the normal use of the hard drive. The check can be performed in any mode indicating scan intervals. It really will depend on the user. You can set any discontinuity, such as every hour yes.


No less interesting is the fact that this software uses advanced technologies to scan the hard drives that are in the computer world are called SMART, ie in-depth examination. And all of this information program, of course, able to give a resultant characteristics. Incidentally, the system itself is very advanced diagnostics and modern. It is clear that it should please many users, as well as the sheer size of the installation package, which is slightly more than 2 MB. However, despite this, the possibility of applications are at the highest level.

If we talk about the interface, it is very simple and intuitive. Basic functionality works in the background automatically, eliminating the direct participation in the process of diagnosis. Supported by several major languages. So, to deal with this software package can even user, very far from this type of operation. In general, the utility is quite interesting and works, as they say, on the five plus.