STDU Viewer - universal software for viewing electronic test documents formats TXT, TIFF, PDF, PalmDoc and DjVu, which allows you to combine the power of multiple programs viewer in one application. The program is quite interesting and varied.

The Main Features Of STDU Viewer

First of all, we note that this is one app replaces several specialized utilities to view text documents, such as e-books, text files, PDF and so on. D. It has a simple intuitive interface, with which the user will understand all skill levels. The fact that all the basic functions of viewing and navigation through the document handed directly to the main panel in the form of buttons with a very original icons that will determine the type of operation being performed.

The application has a very powerful tool for navigating through the document, an interesting search engine desired fragment, and a fairly large number of tools to scale. You can set the size of the change, almost like anything. You can view the page width or across the page, display the following page on the screen or a few pages in book form, zoom a page, independently of the other, rotate the page 90 degrees and more. Everything else, in its sole discretion, you can create various types of bookmarks to quickly navigate to the desired location of the text afterwards. That is, by and large, the program combines the functionality of a conventional text file viewer and "knigochitalki." Among other things, the application allows you to define hyperlinks in documents containing them, and quickly move them to their defined Web resource (of course, provided that the page supports hyperlinks).

Pretty interesting feature of this software is full support for viewing documents, which, in addition to the text, and also contain graphics. It is in this program and is similar to an application for reading electronic books. And, of course, the program can display the contents and designs, such as is done in programs like PDF Viewer.

The application supports multiple languages. In general, we can say that the program is executed at the highest professional level and is very comfortable to work with text documents. Judge for yourself, for now, no need to install several programs for viewing of a specialized format. So I want to say that this application relates to an "all in one".


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