SUMo is a very interesting and somewhat non-standard software, whose name is an abbreviation of the English phrase Software Update Monitor. In other words, is a program for tracking and updating of almost all applications installed on your computer.

Key Features SUMo

The main objective of this application is already clear, is to search the Internet available new versions of your software as well as check and download the most recent additions to them. By and large, the principle of the program is somewhat similar to the functioning of the application to automatically search and update device drivers. Only in this case is a software update of the system.

The program interface is quite simple and is divided into several main sections. Needless to say, there is a main top menu bar in a window that occupies most of the screen displays a list of programs and applications, and at the bottom are buttons all necessary steps to download, update, upgrade, and so neglect. E., Which is very convenient, because the user does not need to go into any further menu.

When you start scanning application automatically checks the entire list of programs installed on your system. You can then set the search for updates. According to the search results of the program are divided into several categories: software update which recommended an optional update and has the updated components. However, this list does not include the system components and software of the operating system (which, in fact, not necessary, because the Operating System itself installs updates if it is disabled).

download-sumo-windows-xp-vista-7-8On the other hand, raises some doubts about the usefulness of this software is the only one fact. Note that the post-Soviet space rather infrequently used licensed software. So, if the update will be found, you will not have absolutely no guarantee that for him and not have to pay it all installed a previous version of a pirate. After essentially all applications, regardless of whether it is a pirated copy or not have digital signatures and certificates producer. It is on this basis, this utility and searches for updates and new software releases.

Thus, on the one hand have a fairly powerful search utility with the ability to update all software components practically, and on the other hand, when using pirated software there is no guarantee of efficiency set update. So, in this case, you get to decide to use this program or not. Naturally, this does not in any way related to software products, which are distributed for free. Here it is necessary to use a tool unique. The more that you get rid of many problems and unnecessary loss of time.