The TaqMan application promises to be a strong ally to arrange your music collection. If you are tired of files with metadata or wrong names, it can be a good solution.

With this program, you can add entire albums and let the TaqMan recognize the songs and arrange the names of the tracks, the album, artist and more.

You can put the album cover as file image, and arrange the internal data such as genre, year, track number and more! If the TaqMan not recognize the songs, you can edit it manually by putting the right information and saving in the same folder or in another location of your choice, if you do not want to lose the original files.

The TaqMan application allows you to choose a style for the name of the files. This does not change the metadata, only the name of each document. You can, for example, choose to show only the track name, the name of the song and the artist, the track number and more. If you want to change it later in the settings, just turn on or adjust the "Renaming settings" option.

Free to try

The free version of TaqMan allows the analysis and recognition of up to 500 files and a time limit of 30 days. The premium version can be registered on the developer's site for free (at least, the price is marked " US $ 0.00" both on site and in the shopping cart), but you need to register for an account paypal or credit card.

Review Of TaqMan

The TaqMan application is an interesting option for those who want to arrange the music on your computer, but do not want a lot of work. During testing, he recognized only one album (two discs were used for apliucativo test), and the other was a release that should have been recognized as well.

That is, you may need to edit many tracks manually. It is not even very laborious, since most of the information can be entered only once for the full album and very intuitive manner. But the track name, if you have not entered automatically, you need to edit for each file.


Interface and organization

The look of the TaqMan application is extremely simple, and you can learn to move in a few minutes. It's all well and intuitive, despite being only in English, the menus are easy to understand and uncomplicated actions. That is, you will not need to spend hours to understand how to use the program to tidy up your music.

On the other hand, this also means that he does not get to be as complete. Only the most obvious information (artist, album name, style, year etc) are editable. For normal users, this is hardly a problem, but who likes everything organized in minute detail can have problems with the limitations.

A limitation that can really be a big problem is that the TaqMan application can only edit MP3 files. That is, if you usually store music files in other formats, this program can not help you organize your library of music albums.

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