TeamSpeak is A Program That is designed for voice Communication on the Internet. The Principle of ITS work in something Similar to such well-Known Programs such as ICQ or Skype, Which use VoIP Technology. HOWEVER, Compared to These, this Application Has Several Unique features.

Key Features TeamSpeak

First of all, we should say that distributive "weighs" just something a little less than 6 MB, and the program after installation is absolutely not demanding on system resources of the computer.

The function set is quite Wide and includes All the Basic functions Inherent Programs of this kind. Work Program is Somewhat Similar to A Regular Phone. HOWEVER, this Phone is A multi-channel and Operates on the Principle of, Say, A field Radio. It also is the main feature of this application.

Download TeamSpeak 3 For PC

Now A few words About the work of the Program. When USED A in LAN, the Program is to create Primarily A Server on the computer with the FASTEST channel of Communication, Which subsequently set the default channel. And it Will Connect to the Other Users . Sometimes for the Server Needs to know the name and Password. But then you Get A Pretty powerful tool That CAN BE USED not only for the Organization of Conferences Chat or voice.

Apparently, and as the name implies, the Program is Primarily Conceived for use in team games such as Shooters or MMORPG, Which Requires Precise Organization of Actions of the team as A Whole. THUS, the number of connected Subscribers Virtually Unlimited. Moreover's, the Program lets you create Channels with Different levels of access or priority and Group Them. Each such Group May BE A moderator or Moderators. This Allows for A very interesting thing. The Fact That such an Organization CAN create A Communications team with A clear vertical hierarchy . Moreover's, the Program does not work All the time. The microphone is switched on only at A Certain moment, When someone says. For example, even He May Just React to noise, Move the mouse or Press A "hot" keys. This lets you save the payment traffic (if any).

Generally, by and large, the Program as A tool for voice Communication Between Multiple PARTIES, without equal. And ITS use in computer games command to add the User A greater effect of reality. So, if you are of FANS These games, this app will make you an awesome experience.