TeraCopy - a very interesting and somewhat non-standard program, which was designed to improve the process of copying files, especially if such copying is done using local area networks and network drives. Its possibilities are that it allows you to speed up the backup process to the maximum speed, which usually means Windows operating systems is simply not available. This is especially noticeable when using the latest versions of Windows, and more precisely, Vista, 7 and 8.

The Main Features Of TeraCopy

Surely each user the latest version of Windows has encountered the problem of copying or moving files, where some corrupted files were charged the maximum RAM on your computer, and the process is delayed for a very long time. This program is at the heart of his work uses automatic detection checksums of files copied, in comparison with the original checksum of the file.

If a file to be copied or displacement is damaged or unreadable, the software product simply transmits and outputs the control error message only after the entire process. Pretty convenient is the fact that after installation, the program integrates its start command of an operation in the standard context menu of Windows. Plus, the team of this application is present even in the standard Windows Explorer that saves the user from accessing the main executable file manually.


But the most interesting and unique is not the point. As we know, using standard Windows tools in the process of copying or moving of a file, it is absolutely not provided pause. Even the system of cancellation of these two processes in most cases requires a fairly long time to stop. In addition, if you cancel such processes, copied or moved files to a new location will not appear. This utility allows a maximum speed revoke such processes, or simply put them on a temporary stop, if, for example, the network is congested. Besides, pause the program completely unloads the processes of this type of RAM and provides the highest priority to other programs, applications and back-end services that are very active can use the hard drive.

Thus, this application is suitable to all users, who in his work are often faced with the copy or move large amounts of data from one computer to another. The most versatile this tool to work with computers that are connected to a local or virtual network.