Toolwiz Care - one of the most powerful tools for the optimization of the operating systems Windows, which has in its functional set of over 40 tools that allow you to perform many actions which, incidentally, is not always available to applications of this kind. Furthermore, some functions do not occur virtually anywhere else. Generally, this is a very serious package to clean the system from unnecessary waste and accelerate its work in general.

Key Features Toolwiz Care

Just note that the program is absolutely free, and distributive takes about 10 MB. Pleasantly pleased, and the fact that this software package is available in two versions. First - stationary, the second - a portable version (Portable), which does not require installation on your hard drive and can use in any removable media, whether it drives, flash drives or removable memory card. This can be very convenient when you use this utility, for example, work in the absence of you have administrator rights to install programs and applications.

So. Among the basic functions are present absolutely all the possibilities presented in the programs of this kind. This is, first of all, scanning the registry, followed by removal or correction of incorrect or non-existent records, delete unused tags, removing Spyware and Adware, scanning, cleaning and restoration of hard disk space, and so on.. Many of these functions are presented in many programs of this type For example, in the same application Glary Utilities.

download-toolwiz-care-pc-windows-xp-7-8But here's what is not in such programs (for the most part, with a few exceptions), so this is a complete registry defragmentation, hard drives and removable storage media; complete process management startup programs and background services; correct and complete uninstallation of installed programs and applications; Search and delete duplicate files on all storage media; access to the registry, bypassing API of the operating system; Tracking speed of loading of the "OSes" and the connection speed to the Internet or local network, as well as the possibility of generating passwords and cryptographic systems use encryption.

Generally, as a result, we have a pretty serious software package that applies to the category of "all in one". See for yourself, this package combines many of the features and how to simply assembled from dozens of programs. At one time, such opportunities had at that time a powerful utility Norton Utilities, however, this package has absolutely stunning features. So if you want a quick and painless fix all errors free hard disk space, order the data, and just speed up the loading and the operating system itself, then this program is really for you. You could say that old school yardstick she performed on five plus.