Tor Browser Bundle is one of the most unique systems in the area of the anonymous user on the network and enjoying a visit Web pages. For the most part, it is designed to protect the user of any level to collect personal information or any other information which can produce (and, incidentally, produce), virtually all known Internet browsers.

Key Features Of Tor Browser Bundle

Among the first and the main features of this application once it is worth noting ensuring the confidentiality of the user visiting a particular page. Perhaps, for anybody not a secret that the browsers, at least, retain recent searches, and the services of these services are able to send so-called spam, according to your interests.

To ensure the safety of the user in the network, of course, you can use anonymous proxy servers. But they, unfortunately, recently lost confidence. Experienced hackers worthless determine the true IP-address from which the original request was made.

This same program is designed precisely in order to hide your identity when using connection TCP / IP. The principle of operation of the program is based on the exchange of certain information data through an extensive network of nodes of the program Tor Browser. These nodes are called (Onion Routers). It is these components allow you to completely limit the collection of information of various kinds of Internet sites or pagers such as ICQ, Jimm mile Skype. Moreover, the program has a locking system, even listening when the program is in a state of voice or video mode.

This technology allows the transmission of data so that, when the exchange is made through one node Tor Browser, then any other node in the same network not simply spots.

And now a little bit of history. You understand that if you are determined by the IP-address of the computer on the network, it is elementary possible to determine its location. Look no further than necessary. Sites such as WhoIs.Com suggest searching the location of the computer indicating the exact mailing address. Moreover, this does not address IP, and it is the physical location of an object, which is made with a particular query.

In the final result, and I would like to say that this software package is pretty good in terms of protection of personal information, or determine the user's location. On the other hand, there is absolutely no data on how the program behaves correctly it is with the Internet browsers.


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