Tor for Windows is a unique system designed to ensure the anonymity of users who surf the Internet. It is able to protect fans from various Internet sites and applications that collect information about a particular user, history of the most visited sites and much more.

Main Features Of Tor for Windows

Perhaps it is no secret that many sites and software such as IM clients often collect information about users of the World Wide Web and their passions. Indeed, many would like to stay, so to speak, "unrecognized" on the web. In fact, after this collection of information often starts coming huge amount of spam. But what to say, when determining the IP-address and possibly unauthorized access to your computer. And it is for the protection of all this created software Tor for Windows.

Of course, when you visit various web sites and pages, you can use anonymous proxy servers (such Annonymous), however, in recent years the credibility of these sites has fallen somewhat since it can not always hide the real IP-address of the user. A skilled hacker can easily recognize it. Especially, they do not provide complete protection in terms of the most frequently visited pages.

This program is designed to protect users, which are used to access the Internet Protocol TCP / IP. The principle of the application is somewhat reminiscent of the work of anonymous proxy servers, because it is based on the exchange of information through a distributed network of servers, called nodes Tor (Onion Routers). This kind of nodes completely restrict the collection of information by different sites, unauthorized listening when communicating over the phone in programs like ICQ or Skype, but also from themselves. Surprisingly, the system prostroen that way. If the exchange goes through some particular node, the other node is watching this exchange. The technology is very modern and efficient. And an anonymous proxy server before it too far.

On the one hand, this is good. However, it still remains unknown whether Tor for Windows to protect Internet users from themselves Internet browsers? In fact, today it is known that by browsing history you can easily determine when and what pages you visit, how much time is spent on a particular site. Also, all searches are stored in the browser. Question - why? It is argued that this is done in order to help users spend less time searching and issue recommended for viewing websites. Where is the guarantee that such data does not use some kind of security service? There is no such guarantee. And though they say that all information (even if encrypted) coming from our computers, totally confidential and is not used anywhere and is not transmitted, it is not necessary to believe it.

In the end, it turns out that the program is good because it protects the user from websites that collect information, but do not know its behavior by the browsers. It is hoped that the program here at altitude.


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