TSR Resize & Rotate is a simple PC program that allows editing of multiple images while changing the picture size or rotation in a few clicks.

Using this software is an incredibly simple task. After selecting the desired file (or an entire folder), just click one of the buttons located at the bottom left of the window. Selecting one of them, you will find more detailed options for editing each item; just set the values and confirm the option.

As you might imagine, there are two different buttons to make available editions:

  • Picture Resize: change the image size, either using proportions in percentage or defining exact numbers;
  • Rotate Picture: Rotates the image based on the defined numbers. To facilitate the process, you can set the values in multiples of 90 °.

Finally, it is worth noting that the TSR Resize & Rotate also allows you to change the quality of pictures, trying to improve the resolution or reducing the quality to result in a smaller file. Regardless of the option chosen, the picture brought to the end of the process comes in JPG format.

Attention to the limitations

It is important to note that the TSR Resize & Rotate has some limits in its free version. You can not, for example, work simultaneously with more than 100 pictures or send pictures edited by email automatically. You can use the first of the options in the trial version of the 30-day program, but the part of the email can only be used if you buy the full software.


Features Of TSR Resize & Rotate

For a program that promises to be as simple and brings such a basic option, the TSR Resize & Rotate can be quite disappointing. This is already noticeable as soon as you open the window: the software provides an interface that, although beautiful, is incredibly disorganized, to the point that even understand the use of simple tools requires some good minutes of learning.

Given the critical due, at least the program works well: the edition file is fast, and the resulting images maintain a good quality. On the other hand, the lack of options, either to control the rotation of more organic way or even to change the edited image format are extremely disappointing.

Add to that all the limitations of the free version, and the result is a program that does not do very well even to perform its basic tasks. So, unless you make sure to have an application only to resize and rotate images, and options such as Photoscape GIMP can do a much better job.

Download TSR Resize & Rotate