Tux Paint - program, which is no other than the editing software designed for children's use. He has a fairly powerful features, which largely repeats toolkits classical programs for working with graphics and helps the child to learn all the basics of working with this type of programs.

Key Features of Tux Paint

First of all, it is worth noting that all available releases of this software are open source and are completely free of charge. So, anyone can modify the program on your own. The most interesting thing is that today there are releases, working in the operating systems Windows (XP, Vista, 7), Linux and Mac OS X.

As for the feature set and the general principle of the work, here we are dealing with a greater degree. Not even with a graphical editor, but rather, with coloring books in electronic form. Yet, even a set of tools for painting pictures is quite wide. Quite elementary child can use different kinds of pencils, brushes or apply special effects fillings or other decoration.

But the most interesting for children, perhaps, is that the coloring is based on many famous cartoons. Their number is available for downloading from the Internet, every day is constantly increasing. Moreover, all these pictures are absolutely free. Among them there are such well-known stories, like The Adventures of Aladdin, Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Winnie the Pooh stories such as Bratz, Ratatouille, Madagascar, and much, much more. So, a child when using this application will not be bored.

Actually, if you look, the computer industry in terms of technology, designed for the youngest users, especially we are not happy. Well, games for kids - this is understandable. However, this software is something quite unique, because helps the child to begin development of modern graphics applications in early childhood. Moreover, the process of using it is happening in some form of a game with bright colors and a variety of well-known stories that will not leave anyone indifferent child. Yes, and in the use of software is quite simple. And if the parents are at this moment next, then, I think, the delight of a child just will not be the limit.


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