TweakNow PowerPack is a system software package belonging to the category of so-called tweaking. A set of utilities included in this package, allows you to control many hidden from the user settings and optimize the performance of the whole system. Moreover, the optimization is not only setting program changes, but also involves optimization "iron".

Key Features Of TweakNow PowerPack

This software is in its basic capabilities such segments involves optimization of the operating system as the registry, Windows Media Player, Windows Messenger and Internet Explorer. From iron components, you can manage settings CPU, VGA card, and RAM. In addition, you can always get a detailed report on any component of the system and print the desired report.

What is the secret to the performance of the operating system? First of all, is to say that when you start the "Operating System" scans the system registry. If it has a lot of incorrect, outdated or unused entries, respectively, the entire registry takes a lot of space, and the system spends more time on his scan. With this utility, error correction in the sector is becoming the most simple and mundane. In this case, you can use the automatic mode, which is ideal for most people, inexperienced in the system settings.

download-tweaknow-powerpack-windows-and-mac-os-xFor advanced users, the program offers several advanced version of the work. Just go to the section "Secrets Windows». There you can find more than hundreds of hidden settings that a normal user, in general, and not needed. However, such fine tuning can significantly improve system performance. Moreover, for certain, it is no secret that the built-in media player Windows Media Player does not always work correctly. Even when you open any file is quite a long time until playback starts. Especially because the player continuously monitors your network connection. The application allows you to fix many bugs in this application. The same applies to the built-in messenger (although many prefer not to use the built-in features, and more installed software products of other manufacturers).

As far as the work of "iron", here and everything is clear. Generally, we can say that this software package to some extent combines the capabilities of several programs. Mark, though, such well-known utilities like Glary Utilities and CPU-Z. Of course, in full all the possibilities for these programs does not use TweakNow PowerPack. Let's just say, this package took the main and best features of this kind of applications.

So if you want to quickly, efficiently and painlessly configure your system using this software package. Especially as it relates to one of the best free apps and modernity.

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