TweakVI is another tweaker for optimizing the operating system Windows Vista. That it, primarily the program and calculated. What is most interesting, the program allows you not only to optimize all the settings automatically, but also to get access to some hidden functions of the operating system.

Key Features Of TweakVI

If we talk about the main features, there has most of the tools to remove the temporary problems that require this type of application. The most basic unit is a universal system of cleaning the registry from incorrect or obsolete information. It goes without saying that read the system registry of the operating system at boot time, ultimately, affects the speed. In addition, not limited to the means of scanning the registry, the software assumes a fairly good opportunities in the field of cleaning the hard drive of your computer. This is due to the fact that the optimization is done by removing any temporary Internet files, or files in the unused areas of the hard drive.


Pretty interesting possibility that application may be called and combination of functions to display detailed information about the most OSes and rail configuration. And that is what makes it possible to use the program not only as an optimizer, but also as a kind of agent used in overlong. In other words, one can easily arrange the acceleration or central or graphics processor, and without changing the temperature conditions at the critical points.

No less interesting is the module cleaning RAM your computer or laptop. The algorithm of these actions is quite simple and is timely to unload from memory unnecessary processes, applications, as well as dynamic libraries and drivers, whose work is performed in the background. In this case, the program must pay tribute, after all, not every user knows what service "hang" in the background, braking, so the whole system. In addition to system services it may be all sorts of viruses, and advertising and banners, which are installed in the default Internet browser, etc. This utility allows you to not only turn off all of these actions, but also to avoid even the appearance of unwanted software of this type. Actually, we can say that this software combines the functionality of not only tweaking, but also has significant resources in terms of work as anti-virus and firewall.

The only thing that should be noted finally, is that the program is designed for use only with Windows Vista, which, according to many users and experts, contains the largest number of flaws and loopholes in the security system. Many users faced with a situation that is even a built firewall does not always work correctly and, moreover, it is not always possible even include. Plus, conflicts with some antivirus programs or services, such as Adware. This utility is fundamentally changing the configuration optimization of such systems and does not cause problems when using it.