Ubiquitous Player - one of the most unusual programs of modernity, which, in addition to the main destinations in terms of playing multimedia content, combines a variety of additional features and functionality in the form of a file manager, organizer, web browser, gamepad, text editor, calculator, etc . In other words, it is obvious that this is just a generic product that is suitable for all occasions. And I must say that in the modern computer software products, applications of this type do not usually occur.

Key Features Of Ubiquitous Player

Now a little about everything. The program interface is quite simple and intuitive, as all the basic functions and tools presented in the main window. It is divided into several major areas. On the left side of the screen there are two sections: a file manager with a search engine and a list of tracks to be played. The main window is performed using the appearance of most popular Internet browsers. Displayed on top of the tab, for example, as in browsers such as Opera or Mozilla Firefox, but from the bottom of their contents, including some additional elements.

And then the user is given complete freedom of action. Additional tabs are available, such as the management of the clipboard, a tag cloud, games, settings, gamepad, text editor, notes, notes, freehand, web browsing, bookmarks, image viewer, calculator and gallery. It goes without saying that when you click on the appropriate tab, you can view its contents. For example, the tab contains a list of the games available for downloading free games, and web browser has an additional tab to download programs for Windows operating systems with bit 32 or 64 bits.

Special attention is given a text editor. The fact that it has a virtual on-screen keyboard, which is very similar solution used in smartphones and tablets. Although, with the conventional keyboard can be operated just in the same way.


The web browser is equipped with all the necessary tools for Internet work. Here there is an address bar and a separate window to search for needed information. Moreover, it is not only limited to music, programs, or something else from the media area or computer applications. Find absolutely everything. By default, the search is carried out using Google Search, however, you can change the system quietly searching, finding your own favorite service.

In general, describe the features of the program can be to infinity. The only thing worth noting is that this software belongs to the category All-In-One (all in one). And really, where you will still find a player that combines so many features and functionality sets of multiple applications. Now, finding such a product, you can not even think about using third-party applications.