UltraMixer - a free program that can be used for professional DJs mix tracks, or simply lovers of experiments in the field of remixes. It provides the user with a minimal set of tools for creating high-quality remixes, such as discos or dance venues.

Key Features Of UltraMixer

Program interface is very similar to the appearance of many programs of this type. The only difference - is the lack turntable scratching to create. Other than that, everything as usual. The main window is divided into two main decks. In the upper part of each of them are shown, and controls the playback pitch. In the middle of the lists themselves are arranged songs (on the left - the source material, the right - the final mix). Below there are two EQ tools automatically create remixes, volume control and information tools in the form of faders type Fading and Crossfade, which allows, so to speak, mix tracks together. Equally important tool can be called and tempo determining means.

Among the supported formats are presented MP3, WMA, OGG, WAV or CD, using audio codecs AAC / M4A. The process itself is quite simple mixing. You simply select the desired tracks and put on two decks playback settings and connections songs together Moreover, it does not matter what format the file is currently in use. In other words, it is possible to produce complete mixing, blending together the files of the above formats. This, in general, quite convenient because there is no need for any re-conversion of the original formats, using external programs.

Well, then, as they say, one that had the imagination. Simply select tracks, download music Vilyui use advanced system quick search or the ability to import and export many supported playlists and create your own unique remixes. It goes without saying that the final remix can be saved for later use. What is most interesting, the program can be quite elementary and use in real-time.

As a result, we note that although the application and not a professional, however, can help many novice DJs to learn the basics of this musical direction. It goes without saying that having studied this program, you can easily master and professional DJ station in a few minutes..


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