Universal Extractor is a small, but very functional tool that was designed to work with all kinds of files, it is in the field of data mining are in packaged form. I must say that this application has a truly unique functionality, which is alien to the program of this kind at all.

Key Features Universal Extractor

If we compare the Universal Extractor in programs of this kind, such as WinZip or WinRar, then this software is literally not an archiver. However, to extract the files from the most well-known archive formats, the program is simply irreplaceable. It allows you to extract files from archives such as .rar, .7z, .ace, .arj, .arc, .cue, .bin, .tbz2, .bz2, .tar.bz2, .deb, .cpio, .tgz, .gz, .img, .tar.gz, .cab, and many others.

However, in practice, only the application possibilities are not limited. After all, it was created on the principle of "one program for all file types." In this sense, it has no equal. After all, the app allows you to retrieve data even from files of type .exe, .dll, .msi, and so on. E., That in no way is not available in the usual archiver program.

Very convenient to use the program to decompress small installation files, as well as to run programs without having to physically retrieve the data. In general, this application works in practice, with all types of files. Just try to take anyone, even a system file, and try to extract its contents. You will immediately see the result.

download-universal-extractor-1-6-windows-pcThe latest version has seen some changes. First of all, it concerns the added ability to work in an environment variable. No less important was the support files and XZ, archives txz / tlz and files NBH. In addition, support was added to the merge modules Windows Installer.

In general, I must say that this software is among the most unique applications of our time, because, makes a huge number of file formats that are not only the archives, but also software applications and dynamic libraries. Unbelievable, but this program, despite its small size, allows for such operations that many professional packer just never dreamed of. And it is this, plus free distribution, making it very easy to work with everything, anything.