UVScreenCamera - program for quick creation of demonstration and training videos, presentations in format AVI, SWF, EXE, UVF, FLV, GIF-animations with sound. Record everything that happens on the screen, including the movement of the mouse cursor, mouse clicks, keystrokes. Movies in the UVF and EXE format creates very compact size (2-minute film with a resolution of 1024x768x32 occupies 194 K). Key features UVScreenCamera:

Key features UVScreenCamera

One of the first benefits of this software is that it is distributed absolutely free and has no restrictions on the installation and use of places.

Again, like any other tool of this type, it allows you to record what you are doing with the main screen, which shows the operation of applications running at the moment. The resulting file can be saved in several formats. Unlike most applications of this type are supported output format type UVF, AVI, EXE, SWF, UVCAB, FLV, GIF.

With regard to the main features of the program, they nearly all aspects of the repeat function of utilities developed in this area. As the creation of a training video, you can use either the entire screen area, or any selection or some object that moving cursor, you can set and movement of the shooting range.

download-uvscreencamera-4-4-windows-pcYou understand that it is very important when the user who understands the basics of the use of a software product, it is necessary to focus on specific elements. The program allows you to do it without question, moreover, to intensify attention fashionable add your comments or text labels. It is also only increases attention to the object.

But that is the most distinctive feature of this application is the presence of segmentation, or, as it is commonly called, the segmented video sharing. In other words, you can write a few fragments, and then combine them into one full video clip. And it is quite unusual for this type of program is the instant creation of 3D-video, which is stored in a flat file format AVI, which can then be played back on any device, including even completely different platforms and operating systems.

To sum up some results, then we must say that the program makes quite an impression, as is one of the best solutions to create videos using the main screen. And we are not talking about the screenshots, I think every experienced person understands that this is so understood by itself. That is, the creation of a graphic image of one frame is made entirely elementary. Easy to use and intuitive understanding of the application interface puts him in the category of the most sought after programs of its time.