Victoria - a small but fairly powerful utility for testing any type of storage media in the form of a stationary computer hard drives or removable media such as flash drives or conventional USB-connected devices. Victoria program is distributed for free, has no restrictions on the installation and use, and you can download it at least for a website developer, at least for any other specialized web-site.

Key Features Victoria

First of all, make a reservation at once - all the tests, and their supplied 9 pieces, produced at low levels that can detect and fix many problems without any effort and time. More often than not, the utility used to test Victoria in the repair process media. However, end users can take advantage of the program Victoria in order to get the most detailed information about a particular component.

Self testing media such as HDD, FDD, CD / DVD, USB / Flash / SCSI is made through the ports and API. Appendix Victoria has a nice interface, which includes one of the most convenient SMART-monitors. And the records of each component are pretty impressive.

If we talk about the tests, here presented tools for the detection of defects in mechanics drive or on the surface, there is a possibility of low-level disk formatting and logical partitions, as well as the function of creating images. If you wish, you can even change even volume HDD. In addition, one of the most important functions is to check the memory of the interface media. When formatting is possible concealment or automatic correction of bad clusters. There are special acoustic noise control system. And, of course, can not but rejoice presence of the ability to use password protection.

download-victoria-hdd-utility-windows-pcBy the way, through the ports can work with logical partitions. For the convenience of Victoria program includes a handy file manager and can be run even under legacy systems such as DOS / Win 9x / NT / XP. Equally important is the fact that the latest versions of the software Victoria, which can be downloaded free of charge, unlike the first releases, fully adapted to laptops. It should be noted and powerful help system with a description of the work with the program Victoria. So if you are having any issues, the answer can be found there. Yes, and the answer will be exhaustive, even for novice users.