Virtual CloneDrive - quite interesting, though, and several standard utility for virtual optical drive uses to create new devices or load a previously created images that store information present in the original optical media.

Main Features of Virtual CloneDrive

First of all, we note that the program allows up to 8 virtual drives running simultaneously. In other words. If you have (which is quite natural), not possible to establish a number of disk drives in a single device, you can be sure with this application the opportunity to appear.

Use to create virtual drives, of course, a novelty in the world of computer technology is not. There are many such programs. However, this application is different from the majority of known utilities that supports not only images like ISO and BIN, but also the format of CCD, which occurs quite often. Moreover, the program can work with images created in a completely different software applications, but most of all, focused on the images produced using the program CloneDVD, which makes it compatible quite correct and fully operational.

Equally important feature of this aspect of the software is the fact that n can work with any type of data, regardless of where they are, whether the local hard disk or a network. Equally easy is it to use these images or virtual drives to view the information recorded in them, or playback if the audio or video media.

download-virtual-clonedrive-pc-windows-xp-7-8As for the interface, it is very simple. Context menu integration lets you get full access to all functions in a single click. Double click on the desired folder in the Windows Explorer and is made to mount the image and then writing the information you need. As usual, this can be not only the files and folders, but also the creation of an Audi or video images, as well as record the complete state of the system at the moment.

If we talk about the network using the program, the disk image will be read as conventional optical drives that are on the local terminal connected to the network, which is shared. And it is at this apparently was calculated initial version of the application. Creating a corporate network with lots of available files is developing more and more. And talk about saving vast amounts of information available if there is no sufficient space on local disks, and can not speak. Enough to use this application in order to access all the necessary work. Also, do not forget about the virtual file repositories, which can be accessed at any time and from any place where there is access to the Internet.