VirtualBox is a cross-platform applications for operating systems Windows, Ubunta Linux, Free BSD, Solaris and Mac OS, which involves the creation and use of various types of virtual configurations of computers using only one machine. This configuration will work as a regular computer with all of its major parameters such as the level of programming, and in terms of the "iron".

Main Features Of VirtualBox

Use a virtual box should wisely. The fact that the operating system has the ability to back up your computer system resources under the newly created virtual machine computer. And, of course, if you have available, there are only 2 GB of RAM, especially not worth experimenting. In this case, you can create one configuration.

If your computer has 4 GB of RAM or more, you can create multiple virtual machines with RAM 256-512 MB. In addition, you can arbitrarily determine what type of hard disk drives or removable drives will be used in your system.


The only thing more embarrassing is the fact that in such a "subsidiary" system will be completely absent some settings. For example, it is absolutely impossible to enter the BIOS setup or use the automatic installation of drivers. All related drivers have to be installed manually. But, after that, you can totally unpredictable experiments that on a conventional computer can lead to a rather unfortunate consequences. Well, for example, you can figure out how to behave the program is running a particular operating system or, as the impact of viruses on the same system files. Just a mass of options.

Actually, if you look, this software environment is quite good and is the best for trial testing programs, applications and operating systems. Especially, it is always possible to determine in the future will behave even one or another "iron", depending on the expected load on the part of the software.

Therefore, if you look, this system is the creation of virtual machines is the best fit for all those who are trying to experiment with the software, but does not want to, they say, "ruin" your own computer. And support completely different operating systems and programming environments, in general, puts this program in the category of one of the most powerful, convenient and secure.