Fusion is somewhat non-standard solution for working with digital photos. Moreover, the features of the program is meant only one option, which is that the application allows you to combine several images taken at one angle, feet with different exposures. And it is the combination of several images to optimize and refine the final result to such an extent that many digital cameras is not even dream

Main Features Of Fusion

The fact that you can take some pictures with a completely different exposure, lighting levels and detail. When using this type of imagery, the program automatically creates a virtual computer memory a combined final picture using the editing dynamic range of brightness, which is abbreviated as HDR. After an image (original) to be processed in such an algorithm for driving the conventional Booth format already used nonlinear tone compression algorithm, which in turn allows it to increase the detail, virtually any image that is loaded into the program.

This can be more clearly explained by the example simple. Let's say you shoot landscape, where there is a large shrub. Leaves, which are in front will be seen this case much better than those that are farther from the lens. Now remove the frame so that the backsheet could be seen better than the front. And only after that you can combine two photos. Of course, it is desirable that both photos were taken using a tripod. While editing position especially not take long.

Now it remains for small. Just use the automatic alignment function. This would ultimately get a clear shot, which will be seen absolutely all the details. Moreover, the number of superposed images is not available.

In general, it is worth noting that although this application and does not belong to the category of super professional tools for working with digital photos, however, for the average user it would fit quite well, because it is in automatic mode and alignment work. And what else is needed? Took at least two or more pictures from one angle, combined image, and you're done. Fusion - a universal tool so that it can be used as a supplement to any type of professional packages. Plus, the "weight" of this thing just a 1.5 MB. To program this level at all funny.


Download VMware Fusion 7